Ten Years Blogged#

In March 2007, I published my first blog post.


Unimaginatively, it was titled First Post.

Since then, a lot has changed. To celebrate this milestone, allow me to recap some significant personal and professional events, then and now.

Then (2007) Now (2017)
Blogging with Plone (via add-ons or core) Blogging with Sphinx (via ablog). In between: Wordpress, Pelican.
Left NIH (2005) to be self-employed. Still self-employed, but back at NIH too.
Using irssi for IRC. In The Lounge. In between: WeeChat.
Engaged but not married. About to celebrate 10 years of marriage in November 2017.
Conference-hosting virgin. Proud veteran organizer of Plone Conference 2008.
Three years before Pillow, my Python Imaging Library fork, was born in 2010. Pillow included in major Linux distributions and downloaded over 15 million times.
Four years before vanity, my download statistics tool, was born in 2011. Vanity waiting for Warehouse.
Five years before my busiest blogging year ever, 35 posts in 2012. Averaging 15 posts per year.
Six years before plock made noise in 2013. Pip installs plock. Plock installs Plone.
10 years before this post. This post!

Thanks for reading; see you in 10 years for another retrospective.