Project MakefileπŸ“Œ


A while back I was asked to present to the Configuration Management Working Group of DC. From that moment on I had an excuse to finish and talk about the Makefile I’d been dragging around formally since January and informally for much longer.

Finishing the MakefileπŸ“Œ

I started writing slides on the impressive then I realized I had to finished the Makefile to finish the slides. This mostly involved deciding on target names and testing target execution.

Finishing the SlidesπŸ“Œ

As I mentioned above, is very nice. I had hoped to be able to build the slides myself with reveal.js, but in lieu of JavaScript skills I settled on using the editor. Later I exported and converted them to PDF with pandoc, which was not as nice (through no fault of pandoc, I’m sure; I just wish I could get a better PDF copy from the HTML export.)

Closed for BusinessπŸ“Œ

For month after month as I continued to tweak, the project-makefile repository README contained the following:


At some point I started using a ``Makefile`` in my development
projects. This repository contains that ``Makefile``.


Open for BusinessπŸ“Œ

Now it looks like this:


I now invite everyone to use and contribute.