DC Python Jobs#

This information may eventually live within the DC Python corpus, but for now I prefer to post-it-now-move-it-later.

DC Python, for those not familiar, is:

  1. A thriving community full of awesome Python programmers in Washington, DC, USA (DC, MD, VA).
  2. The name of a Meetup group with over 3,000 members.
  3. A name commonly used to refer to our 501(c)(3) organization whose legal name is “ZPUGDC, Inc”.

As the President & Executive Director of DC Python (see: #3), I try to be as helpful as possible with all aspects of Python activity in DC (along with many volunteers). That includes helping Python programmers find jobs and employers find Python programmers.

Ideally we’d have a professional job board, but that would require a lot of effort from a lot of volunteers. In the meantime, ever since it was suggested by Gloria W from the NYC Python Meetup, we’ve been using Meetup’s message boards to perform a similar function.

This has worked surprisingly well however there are some issues. In this post, I will explain how to use DC Python’s “Job Board” according to guidelines established by our community.

The DC Python Job Board features:

The #1 function of the board (and biggest consumer of my time spent answering emails) is to serve employers seeking Python programmers. “Employers” can and often does include professional recruiters.

I’ve always found it awkward to explain the procedure, but have gone several years without documenting it properly (there is an early version of it here). No more!


Please follow these rules to post to the DC Python Job Board.

  1. Join the DC Python Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/DCPython/join/.
  2. Create a job posting: http://www.meetup.com/DCPython/messages/boards/forum/617991.
  3. Send a link to your post to the DC Python mailing list: DCPython-list@meetup.com.
  • Include [JOB] in the subject line, some brief introductory text, a link to your post & nothing else. E.g.
Wed Oct  7 16:45:52 EDT 2015
From: aclark@aclark.net
To: DCPython-list@meetup.com
Subject: [JOB] ACLARK.NET, LLC seeking Python Web Developer

Hi DC Python,

My name is Alex Clark and I am the President of ACLARK.NET, LLC: the most awesome Python shop in Washington, DC, USA.
I am interested in hiring a Python web developer to fill an awesome position working directly for me:

    - http://www.meetup.com/DCPython/messages/boards/thread/41146492

I hope to hear from you soon!


In your email to the list please do not include:

  • The full text of the job listing
  • Links to external job postings

Also please send mail to the list with the same email address you used to join Meetup, else Meetup won’t accept it.

Good luck!