I Reinstalled Again#

A while back I wrote about reinstalling OS X.

A while back I wrote about reinstalling OS X: http://blog.aclark.net/2010/10/15/i-reinstalled-recently. This is another one of those posts.

I like to reinstall OS X, a lot. So much so, you’d think I’d find some way to automate the process. There must be something soothing about it, though, because I keep doing it.

I’m writing this post now because since my last post, I’ve begun storing a snippets on gist.github.com to help automate the process. This way, I get “the best of both worlds”:

  • Automation of the tedious parts, &
  • Interaction with the fun parts.

Specifically, with El Capitan I’ve settled on these 4 snippets:





Next, I perform various additional steps manually either because I’ve not figured out how to automate them or the automation prospects are not attractive:

  • Security & Privacy → Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere
  • Drag /opt to Finder Favorites for easy access to Homebrew Casks, then:
    • Users & Groups → Login items → Jumpcut
  • Keyboard → Shortcuts → Mission Control → Move left a space → ⌘ ←
  • Keyboard → Shortcuts → Mission Control → Move right a space → ⌘ →
  • Dock → Terminal → Keep in Dock
  • Dock → Firefox → Keep in Dock

Still, I’d trade all these steps for full automation if I could find an approach that’s not more tedious than cut & pasting the above.

Lastly, I hope this helps someone. Please add a comment below if you have a better approach.