Please Do My Homework📌

I am being driven insane by redditors asking /r/Python to do their homework for them. E.g.

Question #1

I have no problem with redditors asking questions on /r/Python that are better suited to /r/learnpython. E.g.

Question #2

But there is something about the current proliferation of homework questions on /r/Python that I find offensive.

Question #3

Perhaps it is due to:

  • Less meaningful content. I read /r/Python for Hacker News-like stories about Python. The more poorly written homework questions, the less meaningful content.

Question #4
  • No prior meaningful attempt to resolve the issue. E.g. "Ive tried looking online, but to no avail [sic]." What did you try? How did that attempt fail?

Question #5

So now I feel compelled to try and discourage such posts and encourage more meaningful posts. If you learn nothing else in school, you should learn how to learn. It’s not the answer to the question that matters, it’s how you get there. No other aspect of you answering a question or completing an assignment is as important as you thinking for yourself about how to do it. This is almost the entire point of higher education: to learn how to function in the real world.

Question #6

In the real world, you cannot say to your friends and/or coworkers:

“My boss is such a jerk. If you could just give me a working example of how to do my job, that would be awesome! Lolz.”

I’m just saying!