Pillow Runs Itself#

As of Pillow 2.6.0, the Pillow project almost completely runs itself!

Of course when I say “runs itself” I mean “runs without me”, which is what every open source project lead hopes for. For the first time ever, I was able to:

  • Turn off GitHub Watching until two weeks before the release.

  • Not run setup.py upload or twine upload myself.

  • Watch in awe as Pillow Men #s 2 & 3 did all the work. [1]

Kudos to these gentlemen for making my life easier and for continuing to provide the Python community with a featureful, modern & secure Python Imaging Library. Additionally thanks to all the contributors from all over the world who continue to develop and improve Pillow. I used to keep a list, but now there are too many to keep track of. Oh and lastly, 2.6.0 is out! Enjoy the release & please report issues here.


Eric Soroos & Hugo respectively. Additional thanks to Christoph Gohlke for Windows Eggs, Exes, Wheels, Matthew Brett for OS X Wheels, and Steve Johnson for Sphinx Documentation.

P.S. New theme! Thanks Pure Pelican Theme.