Jul 05, 2014

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Pillow 2-5-0 is Out

Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors. PIL is the Python Imaging Library by Fredrik Lundh and Contributors

Since Pillow 2.0 the Pillow Team has adopted a quarterly release cycle; as such, Pillow 2.5.0 is out! Here’s what’s new in this release:

2.5.0 (2014-07-01)

  • Imagedraw rewrite [terseus, wiredfool]
  • Add support for multithreaded test execution [wiredfool]
  • Prevent shell injection #748 [mbrown1413, wiredfool]
  • Support for Resolution in BMP files #734 [gcq]
  • Fix error in setup.py for Python 3 [matthew-brett]
  • Pyroma fix and add Python 3.4 to setup metadata #742 [wirefool]
  • Top level flake8 fixes #741 [aclark]
  • Remove obsolete Animated Raster Graphics (ARG) support [hugovk]
  • Fix test_imagedraw failures #727 [cgohlke]
  • Fix AttributeError: class Image has no attribute ‘DEBUG’ #726 [cgohlke]
  • Fix msvc warning: ‘inline’ : macro redefinition #725 [cgohlke]
  • Cleanup #654 [dvska, hugovk, wiredfool]
  • 16-bit monochrome support for JPEG2000 [videan42]
  • Fixed ImagePalette.save [brightpisces]
  • Support JPEG qtables [csinchok]
  • Add binary morphology addon [dov, wiredfool]
  • Decompression bomb protection [hugovk]
  • Put images in a single directory [hugovk]
  • Support OpenJpeg 2.1 [al45tair]
  • Remove unistd.h #include for all platforms [wiredfool]
  • Use unittest for tests [hugovk]
  • ImageCms fixes [hugovk]
  • Added more ImageDraw tests [hugovk]
  • Added tests for Spider files [hugovk]
  • Use libtiff to write any compressed tiff files [wiredfool]
  • Support for pickling Image objects [hugovk]
  • Fixed resolution handling for EPS thumbnails [eliempje]
  • Fixed rendering of some binary EPS files (Issue #302) [eliempje]
  • Rename variables not to use built-in function names [hugovk]
  • Ignore junk JPEG markers [hugovk]
  • Change default interpolation for Image.thumbnail to Image.ANTIALIAS [hugovk]
  • Add tests and fixes for saving PDFs [hugovk]
  • Remove transparency resource after P->RGBA conversion [hugovk]
  • Clean up preprocessor cruft for Windows [CounterPillow]
  • Adjust Homebrew freetype detection logic [jacknagel]
  • Added Image.close, context manager support. [wiredfool]
  • Added support for 16 bit PGM files. [wiredfool]
  • Updated OleFileIO to version 0.30 from upstream [hugovk]
  • Added support for additional TIFF floating point format [Hijackal]
  • Have the tempfile use a suffix with a dot [wiredfool]
  • Fix variable name used for transparency manipulations [nijel]


With every release, there are notable contributions I must acknowledge:

  • Thanks to Stephen Johnson for contributing http://pillow.readthedocs.org, we continue to rely on & extend this resource.
  • Thanks to Christopher Gohlke for producing Windows Egg, Exe, and Wheel distributions.
  • Thanks to Matthew Brett for producing OS X Wheels (for the first time ever!)
  • Thanks to Eric Soroos for his contributions and serving as “Pillow Man #2” (2nd in command).
  • Welcome to Hugo VK who has joined the Pillow Team & contributed significantly to this release.
  • Thanks to all the remaining unnamed contributors! We appreciate every commit.

Enjoy Pillow 2.5.0 & please report issues here: https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues


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