Pillow 2-5-0 is Out#

Pillow is the friendly PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors. PIL is the Python Imaging Library by Fredrik Lundh and Contributors

Since Pillow 2.0 the Pillow Team has adopted a quarterly release cycle; as such, Pillow 2.5.0 is out! Here’s what’s new in this release:

2.5.0 (2014-07-01)#

  • Imagedraw rewrite [terseus, wiredfool]
  • Add support for multithreaded test execution [wiredfool]
  • Prevent shell injection #748 [mbrown1413, wiredfool]
  • Support for Resolution in BMP files #734 [gcq]
  • Fix error in setup.py for Python 3 [matthew-brett]
  • Pyroma fix and add Python 3.4 to setup metadata #742 [wirefool]
  • Top level flake8 fixes #741 [aclark]
  • Remove obsolete Animated Raster Graphics (ARG) support [hugovk]
  • Fix test_imagedraw failures #727 [cgohlke]
  • Fix AttributeError: class Image has no attribute ‘DEBUG’ #726 [cgohlke]
  • Fix msvc warning: ‘inline’ : macro redefinition #725 [cgohlke]
  • Cleanup #654 [dvska, hugovk, wiredfool]
  • 16-bit monochrome support for JPEG2000 [videan42]
  • Fixed ImagePalette.save [brightpisces]
  • Support JPEG qtables [csinchok]
  • Add binary morphology addon [dov, wiredfool]
  • Decompression bomb protection [hugovk]
  • Put images in a single directory [hugovk]
  • Support OpenJpeg 2.1 [al45tair]
  • Remove unistd.h #include for all platforms [wiredfool]
  • Use unittest for tests [hugovk]
  • ImageCms fixes [hugovk]
  • Added more ImageDraw tests [hugovk]
  • Added tests for Spider files [hugovk]
  • Use libtiff to write any compressed tiff files [wiredfool]
  • Support for pickling Image objects [hugovk]
  • Fixed resolution handling for EPS thumbnails [eliempje]
  • Fixed rendering of some binary EPS files (Issue #302) [eliempje]
  • Rename variables not to use built-in function names [hugovk]
  • Ignore junk JPEG markers [hugovk]
  • Change default interpolation for Image.thumbnail to Image.ANTIALIAS [hugovk]
  • Add tests and fixes for saving PDFs [hugovk]
  • Remove transparency resource after P->RGBA conversion [hugovk]
  • Clean up preprocessor cruft for Windows [CounterPillow]
  • Adjust Homebrew freetype detection logic [jacknagel]
  • Added Image.close, context manager support. [wiredfool]
  • Added support for 16 bit PGM files. [wiredfool]
  • Updated OleFileIO to version 0.30 from upstream [hugovk]
  • Added support for additional TIFF floating point format [Hijackal]
  • Have the tempfile use a suffix with a dot [wiredfool]
  • Fix variable name used for transparency manipulations [nijel]


With every release, there are notable contributions I must acknowledge:

  • Thanks to Stephen Johnson for contributing http://pillow.readthedocs.org, we continue to rely on & extend this resource.
  • Thanks to Christopher Gohlke for producing Windows Egg, Exe, and Wheel distributions.
  • Thanks to Matthew Brett for producing OS X Wheels (for the first time ever!)
  • Thanks to Eric Soroos for his contributions and serving as “Pillow Man #2” (2nd in command).
  • Welcome to Hugo VK who has joined the Pillow Team & contributed significantly to this release.
  • Thanks to all the remaining unnamed contributors! We appreciate every commit.

Enjoy Pillow 2.5.0 & please report issues here: https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues