Plone 5 Alpha 2 is Here#

This post is long overdue since Plone 5 alpha 2 was released on 2014-04-20!

It is also too short. I may do a followup blog entry to review more features, depending on how well this one is received. I also want to talk more about Plock.

When Plone 4 alpha 1 was released, I was so excited I immediately ran it in production. Now-a-days I use Pyramid for but I still get excited about new Plone releases.

As such, I finally got around to testing the latest Plone 5 alpha with my deployment stack and the results were very impressive, so I thought I’d share.

Hosted configuration#

Because of the “muscle memory” I’ve built up over the years doing this, I always install Plone in development and production via my hosted configuration files. If you are not a developer you may instead prefer the Unified Installer, VirtualBox/Vagrant installer or OS X Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks Binary Installer otherwise follow along [1]:

$ pip install tmp virtualenv
$ cd `tmp`
$ virtualenv .
$ bin/pip install zc.buildout
$ bin/buildout init

Edit buildout.cfg to contain:

extends =

Run Buildout and start Plone:

$ bin/buildout
$ bin/plone fg

Create Plone Site#

The first thing you will notice is the improved “Create a Plone Site” page which now includes a timezone configuration option:

Plone 5

Barceloneta Theme#

I selected the US/Eastern timezone and clicked Create Plone Site, shortly after which I was greeted with a beautiful new Plone 5 site in all its open source glory. Immediately you will notice a new theme and toolbar:

Plone 5

Plone Toolbar#

Here is a quick tour of the new toolbar.

Plone 5

Folder contents#

Plone 5

Edit button#

Plone 5

Sharing settings#

Plone 5

Workflow settings#

Plone 5

Add content#

Plone 5

Layout settings#

Plone 5

User menu#

Plone 5

Love it! Of all these, only the eye icon didn’t function as expected. Not sure what it’s supposed to do but I assume it’s not done yet. Additionally, I wish the small Plone logo in the toolbar navigated “home” like the portal logo. Or maybe it will close the toolbar? Oh, the possibilities!


Many thanks to everyone who has worked hard to make Plone 5 a reality.

You should probably hire me or follow me on Twitter or both.

[1]And please try Plock which automates all of these steps e.g. pip install plock; plock .;bin/plone fg Once Plone (4) is installed, update the extends parameter in buildout.cfg to and rerun Buildout.