Bro, do you even Pillow?

Bro, do you even Pillow?

Pillow is a fork of the Python Imaging Library. Here is an update on the status of the project.

2.4.0 released

Pillow 2.4.0 is out! Here are the highlights:

  • Indexed Transparency handled for conversions between L, RGB, and P modes. Fixes #510 [wiredfool]

  • Conversions enabled from RGBA->P, Fixes #544 [wiredfool]

  • Improved icns support [al45tair]

  • Fix libtiff leaking open files, fixes #580 [wiredfool]

  • Fixes for Jpeg encoding in Python 3, fixes #577 [wiredfool]

  • Added support for JPEG 2000 [al45tair]

  • Add more detailed error messages to [larsmans]

  • Avoid conflicting _expand functions in PIL & MINGW, fixes #538 [aclark]

  • Merge from Philippe Lagadec’s OleFileIO_PL fork [vadmium]

  • Fix ImageColor.getcolor [homm]

  • Make ICO files work with the ImageFile.Parser interface, fixes #522 [wiredfool]

  • Handle 32bit compiled python on 64bit architecture [choppsv1]

  • Fix support for characters >128 using .pcf or .pil fonts in Py3k. Fixes #505 [wiredfool]

  • Skip CFFI test earlier if it’s not installed [wiredfool]

  • Fixed opening and saving odd sized .pcx files, fixes #523 [wiredfool]

  • Fixed palette handling when converting from mode P->RGB->P [d_schmidt]

  • Fixed saving mode P image as a PNG with transparency = palette color 0 [d-schmidt]

  • Improve heuristic used when saving progressive and optimized JPEGs with high quality values [e98cuenc]

  • Fixed DOS with invalid palette size or invalid image size in BMP file [wiredfool]

  • Added support for BMP version 4 and 5 [eddwardo, wiredfool]

  • Fix segfault in getfont when passed a memory resident font [wiredfool]

  • Fix crash on Saving a PNG when icc-profile is None [brutasse]

  • Cffi+Python implementation of the PixelAccess object [wiredfool]

  • PixelAccess returns unsigned ints for I16 mode [wiredfool]

  • Minor patch on booleans + Travis [sciunto]

  • Look in multiarch paths in GNU platforms [pinotree]

  • Add arch support for pcc64, s390, s390x, armv7l, aarch64 [manisandro]

  • Add arch support for ppc [wiredfool]

  • Correctly quote file names for WindowsViewer command [cgohlke]

  • Prefer homebrew freetype over X11 freetype (but still allow both) [dmckeone]

OS X 10.9.2 issues

This happened:

Security issues

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