Pillow 2.2.1 Released#

Pillow is the “friendly” PIL fork. PIL is the Python Imaging Library.


An earlier version of this entry was published yesterday with the wrong date. Apologies for any annoyance or confusion.

The Pillow 2.2.1 source distribution is now available on PyPI, featuring over 30 documented bug fixes and enhancements since 2.1.0 was released 3 months ago.


  • Fix #254: Bug in image transformations resulting from uninitialized memory [nikmolnar]
  • Fix for encoding of b_whitespace, similar to closed issue #272 [mhogg]
  • Fix #273: Add numpy array interface support for 16 and 32 bit integer modes [cgohlke]
  • Partial fix for #290: Add preliminary support for TIFF tags. [wiredfool]
  • Fix #251 and #326: circumvent classification of pngtest_bad.png as malware [cgohlke]
  • Add typedef uint64_t for MSVC. [cgohlke]
  • Fix #329: setup.py: better support for C_INCLUDE_PATH, LD_RUN_PATH, etc. [nu774]
  • Fix #328: _imagingcms.c: include windef.h to fix build issue on MSVC [nu774]
  • Automatically discover homebrew include/ and lib/ paths on OSX [donspaulding]
  • Fix bytes which should be bytearray [manisandro]
  • Add respective paths for C_INCLUDE_PATH, LD_RUN_PATH (rpath) to build if specified as environment variables. [seanupton]
  • Fix #312 + gif optimize improvement [d-schmidt]
  • Be more tolerant of tag read failures [ericbuehl]
  • Fix #318: Catch truncated zTXt errors. [vytisb]
  • Fix IOError when saving progressive JPEGs. [e98cuenc]
  • Add RGBA support to ImageColor [yoavweiss]
  • Fix #304: test for str, not “utf-8”. [mjpieters]
  • Fix missing import os in _util.py. [mnowotka]
  • Added missing exif tags. [freyes]
  • Fail on all import errors, fixes #298. [macfreek, wiredfool]
  • Fixed Windows fallback (wasn’t using correct file in Windows fonts). [lmollea]
  • Moved ImageFile and ImageFileIO comments to docstrings. [freyes]
  • Restore compatibility with ISO C. [cgohlke]
  • Use correct format character for C int type. [cgohlke]
  • Allocate enough memory to hold pointers in encode.c. [cgohlke]
  • Fix #279, fillorder double shuffling bug when FillOrder ==2 and decoding using libtiff. [wiredfool]
  • Moved Image module comments to docstrings. [freyes]
  • Add 16-bit TIFF support, fixes #274. [wiredfool]
  • Ignore high ascii characters in string.whitespace, fixes #272. [wiredfool]
  • Added clean/build to tox to make it behave like travis. [freyes]
  • Adding support for metadata in webp images. [heynemann]


In addition to the source distribution, there are also Python Eggs and Windows Installers available (for 32 and 64 bit) and for the first time ever: Python Wheels! (New built-package format supported by pip.)


The Pillow Team has really settled in to the groove of making Pillow releases every three months, and I am very proud to be a part it! Special thanks to Eric Soroos and Christopher Gohlke for their invaluable help with Pillow 2.2.1.

If you use Pillow professionally, please consider supporting its development.