Pillow 2-1-0 is Out#

Pillow is a popular fork of PIL by Alex Clark and Contributors. PIL is the Python Imaging Library by Fredrik Lundh and Contributors

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Pillow 2.1.0 is out! With this release, the Pillow team has finally removed support for “import _imaging”, thus completing the move of PIL modules into the PIL namespace 1. Many thanks to Eric Soroos (AKA wiredfool) who completed the majority of this work. Also a big thanks to Christopher Gohlke and Arfrever both of whom rallied around a push to get the 2.1.0 release out on schedule. And I want to thank everyone else who reported an issue and/or sent a pull request to help make this release the best it could be.

Quarterly release cycle#

After the March 15, 2013 release of Pillow 2.0.0 we decided to adopt a quarterly release cycle. So every three months, as long as the patches keep coming you will see a new Pillow release.

Look ma no official funding#

Pillow 2.0.0 was an enormous effort, made possible by a generous grant from the Python Software Foundation. But things have stablized quite a bit since then. So much so, that with help from many others I was able to squeeze this release into my normal schedule. However you are always welcome to financially help support Pillow, especially if you are using it in a commercial environment. Committers are encouraged to add their name here if they’d like to receive donations:

Go get it now#

Pillow 2.1.0 source and binaries are available on PyPI. Please use, enjoy, and report issues.


Which began with the first release of Pillow 1.0 on 2010-07-31 in which support for “import Image” was removed.