About My Work#

Regarding some of the criticism or objection to some of the content of my blog entries, etc.,

Here are my thoughts:

I hear you#

No one is more critical of my work than me. If you have feedback, criticism, etc. then please do let me know. I consider very carefully every request I receive, and I make every attempt to be cordial and accommodating. The place to do that for this blog is currently:

Or for folks without a GitHub account (i.e. anonymous):

Or just email me:

Or add a comment below.

Controversial Entries Explained#

I’d also like to clarify my intentions with regard to two of my most recent and somewhat controversial entries:

  • Zen of Zope
  • Plone Kitty

They are intended to be pro Zope and pro Plone. Yes, Zope can be complex. But it’s also useful. And full of “been there, done that” wisdom. Yes, the simple days of Plone Kitty are gone, but there are many great things ahead. Let’s carry the best of the past forward into the future.

I don’t always state my intentions this explicitly: because that is no where near as fun for me. But I don’t want folks to get the wrong impression either, so please help me get the message right if you can.

As always, thanks for reading.