Introducing The Plone Kitty#

Actually: re-introducing the Plone Kitty from Plone 1!

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Plone Kitty is the name of a theme (then called “skin”) that shipped with the earliest versions of Plone (1.1 in the image above). This was a simpler time when the web was new, and everything was possible!

Today, we know that the web is hard. While everything is still possible, building the web requires a tremendous amount of hard work. But it doesn’t have to be all drudgery. There is still quite a bit of fun to be had building the web, if you know where to look (in addition to all the unavoidable hard work).

Enter: Plone. Both the web and Plone have changed drastically since The Plone Kitty once prowled the internet. And while the Plone Kitty is all but extinct, Plone lives on; continously modernizing itself to keep up with the fast pace of today’s modern web.

From the Plone Kitty website (now running on Heroku!):

If you used Plone "back in the day" (early 2000s), please add a comment below about your experiences then. If you are new to Plone or just curious
about it now, please add a comment below about your initial impressions.

So if you’d like to add your bit of nostalgia, or first impressions of Plone, please do so here. I appreciate any and all comments.