Plone Guide#

For anyone new to my blog, welcome.


For anyone new to my blog, welcome. I am Alex Clark: Python Web Developer.


Recently with a tweet, I announced the start of a new personal project:

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I have tentatively scheduled this project to be completed by the end of 2013, because it’s important to set a deadline.


This project will be hosted on one of my current favorite websites:


I think about Plone a lot as it relates to my current professional work. And I have more thoughts than I can currently keep track of in blogs, tweets, etc. So I decided to make an effort to write them all down.


I think a lot about what other people think about Plone, so I decided this book will feature comments from the general public in it. E.g.:

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How much?#

This book will be free. But if you’d like to support its development, please gittip me.

There’s not much to it yet, but feel free to head over and add some comments: