Pillow 1-7-8#

Pillow is the friendly PIL fork. Initially just a packaging fork, now considering image code bug fixes and Python 3 support. To be friendly, we attempt to track changes against upstream tickets in PIL.

Pillow 1.7.8 is out! Read about it here:


  • It’s PIL (Python Imaging Library)
  • It installs on all modern systems [1]
  • Win32 eggs are provided (special thanks to Takayuki Shimizukawa)


This release includes:


To install Pillow:

$ easy_install Pillow


$ pip install Pillow


$ python setup.py install (inside the extracted zip)


$ pip install zc.buildout
$ buildout init

With buildout.cfg:

parts = pillow

recipe = zc.recipe.egg


$ buildout

(Note: easy_install & pip each handle namespace packages differently, so you should choose one or the other, and not mix the two.)

Report issues#

If you find an issue, please report it here:

Better yet: please fork, fix, and submit a pull request. Please also solicit for peer review once the pull request has been submitted.


You may discuss issues related to PIL, Pillow, and Python imaging on the image-sig list:

Enjoy using Pillow!

[1]If it doesn’t, please report it: https://github.com/python-imaging/Pillow/issues