pyformance 0.2# helps Python programmers package and release their software with just a few clicks.

pyformance 0.2# recently processed it’s first official release via the new GitHub Service.

As such, we are celebrating the release of pyformance 0.2! According to the author Omer Gertel:

It's a straight forward port of Coda Hale's fantastic metrics
package (originally for java). I don't have all of it ported yet,
and it's not tested as much as it should be, but it's a good start.

(BTW, if you do blog about PyFormance, you may also want to mention
this talk by Coda Hale about metrics:
He explains some of the math behind the package.)

Done! Thanks Omer for using our service. Check out pyformance on GitHub:

And the talk by Coda Hale.