Bootstrapping a Buildout 1-6 release#

A lot of work has been done on Buildout lately.

Most notably:

And there are a handful of other changes in trunk on, of which my favorite is:

The buildout init command now accepts distribution requirements and paths to set up a custom interpreter part that has the distributions or parts in the path. For example:: $ python init BeautifulSoup

So with that, I am planning to do a zc.buildout 1.6 release within 24 hours or so of now. Please add a comment or weigh in on distutils-sig if you object. We have run the tests on Windows, and discovered only pre-existing failures. We are also preparing to do “Buildout 2 prophylactic releases” (i.e. releases that make 1.x continue to work when 2.x is released) in the 1.6.x series.