All My Python Packages Are Belong To GitHub#

Including many Plone add-ons.

Hi. My name is Alex “please don’t call them products” Clark. But you may call me aclark or aclark4life. In the spirit of continuing the great git migration, and in order to beta test, I’ve just moved the last of my Subversion repositories to GitHub. This means any package I have Owner or Maintainer permission for on PyPI now lives in one of 8 GitHub organizations, or my personal GitHub account on Great Success!


The Plone AI team has tentatively scheduled the end-of-2012 as the time to flip to read only (/plone and /archetypes are already read only). So if you are still using the old collective, please take a minute to start thinking about migrating. As always, I’m happy to provide assistance to anyone that needs it to move their code. (I’m in #plone on or you can email