Test-plone tmp#

Since Day 1 with Plone circa 2004, I’ve always taken pride in and greatly enjoyed refining my development environment.

It’s been stable for a while now (> 1 year or so) so I thought I’d share.

Operating system#

Mac OS X Latest (Lion, at the time of this writing)


Mac OS X Terminal




Yes. All versions, via the collective Python buildout:


Yes. All versions, via pythonpackages.com:

Additional tools#

A shell script to run virtualenv, buildout, etc:

[bash] #!/bin/sh if ! [ -n "$1" ] then echo "Usage:nn$0 <dir>n" exit 1
fi if ! [ -d $1 ] then mkdir $1 fi cd $1 virtualenv-2.7 . bin/pip
install zc.buildout bin/buildout init cat << EOF > buildout.cfg
[buildout] extends =
http://build.pythonpackages.com/buildout/plone/4.2.x-dev EOF
bin/buildout bin/plone start sleep 4 echo "Adding Plone site..." curl -d
bin/plone stop bin/plone fg [/bash]

A Python script to create temporary directories:

[python] #!/usr/bin/env python

import os import tempfile print os.path.abspath(tempfile.mkdtemp())

A default buildout config file:

eggs-directory = /Users/aclark/Developer/eggs-directory
download-cache = /Users/aclark/Developer/download-cache
extends-cache = /Users/aclark/Developer/extends-cache


My typical workflow looks like this:

  • Hang in #plone on irc.freenode.net and wait for questions
  • Hear question and get inspired to run Plone
  • Run: $ test-plone `tmp`

~ 1 minute later I’m browsing http://localhost:8080/Plone and can install add-ons, check ZMI settings, etc.