Hello Plone theming#

In this post, we introduce a new tutorial.

In this post, we introduce a new tutorial aimed at bridging the gap between the incredibly easy to use and enormously powerful Diazo theming engine for Plone, and bootstrapping your first new theme. You do not need to have any Python skills whatsoever to perform these tasks. New Plone themes are:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/images (Sound familiar? You don’t need to know any Plone to understand this part.)
  • A set of rules that map your HTML/CSS/JavaScript/images to Plone content. (This part is Diazo-specific; and while Diazo is not part of Plone, integration is provided by a Python package called plone.app.theming.)

The Diazo rules can get complex, but it’s very easy to get your first rule done and working and then off you go. You may find this new tutorial on pythonpackages.com. Enjoy, and get busy theming Plone.