The website for Python egoists™

I have this overwhelming desire to know how many times my favorite Python packages have been downloaded. Don’t you? If so, look no further than

Count downloads#

Where you can enter a package like Django and find out the number of downloads.

Count favorites#

Or click on Count favorites to reveal how many times it has been favorited.

Find trash#

Or even poke some good natured fun at it, for its failure to provide adequate package metadata.

Discuss packages#

You can even discusspackages on

Recent activity#

But wait there is more! You can also browse the latest changelog activity from PyPi right on the site.

Package info#

Lastly, if you get bored counting package downloads and favorites you can look at the actual package metadata.


Sound interesting? Or utterly silly, perhaps? I think is the best of both. It started off as a front end to the command line utility vanity, but has taken on a life of it’s own.

After a small run on Python reddit and Hacker News, I’m looking forward to seeing what Python Planet folks think. So please check out and let me know. You can leave comments about the site here.

Or open a new ticket here: