ACLARK.NET, LLC Seeks Unique Candidate For Part-Time Business Consulting Opportunity#

We are looking for a unique and talented (but mostly non-technical) individual that is passionate about Plone

We are looking for a unique and talented (but mostly non-technical) individual that is passionate about Plone, and able to dedicate some small amount of time per month to generating new business for us[1].

Plone is up and coming (again)! And we want to (1.) capitalize on that fact and (2.) scale our business accordingly. But to do so, we really need your help.

About us#

We are a team[2] of Python, Plone, Web, and Business savvy people focused on Python, Plone, the web, and generally speaking: deploying and maintaining Plone applications that range from CMS to specialized applications, tailored to fit the needs of our clients[3].


For those of you that know me, you know that I am largely technically, very artistic, and focused a lot on systems and making-things-work (vs.  programming), and that I am passionate to a fault about Plone and the Plone community. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m responsible for all new business at ACLARK.NET and I am the technical lead on all of our projects. I also rock a maroon Japanese Fender Stratocaster (circa mid 1980s) on occasion.


My wife and business partner Amy is the “business coordinator” and she handles all things customer-related (that are non-technical) as well as anything legal and/or financial. If you know her, then you know she is a force to be reckoned with as well as one of the nicest, most professional people you will ever meet. If you don’t know her, watch out! When she is not watching the bottom line, Amy can be found caring for our always-singing-while-she-is-on-the-phone yellow canary: J.  Alexander Chirpington III.


Team ACLARK also consists of a variety of highly skilled sub contractors that always make us look good by making our clients happy, and hopefully have lots of fun doing it.


To date, other than constantly “pimping” (promoting) myself personally (on behalf of my company) within the Plone community, we have never actively sought out any business. And we manage to stay quite busy with the work that finds us. But it has occurred to us that in order to compete most effectively with “the big boys” (i.e. all our friends/colleagues/etc at we need to be more pro-active about seeking out new business.

That’s where you come in.

About you#

We need someone to pursue leads on our behalf, because we simply don’t have time to do it and we don’t have anyone in-house that is particularly well-suited to the task. However, we don’t want to let that stop us from growing our business and deploying as many Plone sites as possible; especially when we are confident we have the ability to deliver on just about any kind of Plone-related project, and then some (i.e. Django, Pyramid, etc., almost anything Python-related.)


First and foremost, you love (and use) Plone (but aren’t necessarily an integrator/developer; most likely an end user). But also:

  • You are a “people person”.
  • You have some writing skills, perhaps even a technical writer.
  • You are aggressive about scoring new business, perhaps even someone with a sales background.
  • You are a professional, and will represent us and our business accordingly!

Also nice to have:

  • You have a full-time job that is Plone-related.
  • You have experience writing proposals.

You don’t necessarily have to “know everything” to do this job effectively for us, but you do have to be excited and pro-active about it.


We don’t know how this will work yet. We are certainly willing to pay a percentage of the anticipated bid value for any bid we win, but we are considering other options as well.

Next step#

Sound like you? Let’s talk:, 301-312-5236.

We look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested in this opportunity.


  1. Finding and submitting proposals, with our assistance, as needed. Even something as small as 8 hours per month would be helpful.