Help Alex Clark help Plone#

It’s been a few years since I last attended a Plone sprint.

And that is by no means for lack of desire. I fantasize about spending a year attending every Plone (and Python) related event on the planet, but I’ve got a ways to go before I can make that dream a reality.

In the meantime, I’m excited to announce that the stars have aligned in February 2011 and I am planning to attend the Cioppino sprint AKA West Coast “Snow” Sprint (plane tickets purchased!)

But, I really need everyone’s help to make this trip a success. While I would love to be able to afford it, our financial stars have not aligned for February 2011 and I will be seeking donations in order to offset the cost of travel and lodging.

I’ll be spending (at least) two full days working on Plone-related tasks, for whatever you can guestimate that may be worth (in a consulting context.) And in addition to helping out however I can with thescheduled tasks, I have a long list of admin tasks I would like to try and tackle:

Why you should donate#

Time I donate to the Plone project is a labor of love, but there are “real world” implications. If you have enjoyed, or otherwise benefited from any of the following, I would appreciate your generous contribution right now; very, very much!

  • website maintenance: I spend a lot of time wrangling troops and performing feats of great maintenance on
  • systems maintenance: I consider myself a provider of great services for a great community. I’ve made a very significant effort to try and improve the services that volunteers are able to provide for such a great community. In documentation, and in deed I plan to  keep doing this for at least all of 2011:
  • Plone software technical support: I spend a great deal of time trying to de-mystify Plone technology for the masses. Early adoption is part of this process. I like to see Plone moving forward and I like to see others embracing that move:
  • And much, much more! I try to do as much for Plone as I can because it does a lot for me. I’ve organized a conference and written a book and I expect to be active in the community for at least the rest of 2011, and most likely4life.

How much should you donate#

I am trying to raise $1,000 USD to cover the following:

  • Plane tickets: approximately $400 USD.
  • Housing: approximately $400 USD.
  • Food and miscellaneous travel expenses: approximately $200 USD.

I would appreciate any amount you can afford to give, to help-me-help-Plone be as great as it can be!

Please use the Chip-in below, or if you prefer (for all you anti-flash-ites), you can donate directly via PayPal with my email address:

Thank you all, very much, in advance.

Alex Clark (January 2011)