I Reinstalled Recently#

OS X Installation Notes

And for whatever it is worth here are the notes I took:

o System Preferences -> Organize alphabeticallyo Sync bluetooth mouseo Software update * 2
 - Reboot * 2o Install XCodeo Customize Dock
 - Add Terminal
 - Remove Mail, Photo Booth, Address Booko Restore apps (from Time Capsule)
 - Skype
 - Firefox
   - Set home page
   - View -> Toolbars -> Customize -> Use small Icons
   - Preferences -> Privacy -> History -> Use custom settings for
     history -> Uncheck all but 'remember my browsing history' and
     'Accept cookies from sites'
   - Preferences -> Security -> Passwords -> Uncheck remember
     passwords for sites
   - Set persona (I'd probably like these to rotate)
   - Preferences -> General -> Downloads -> Show the Downloads
     window when download a file -> Close it when all downloads are
   - Preferences -> General -> Downloads -> Save files to -> Desktop
 - Cisco VPN client
 - Real VNC
 - VLC
 - Textmate (sometimes handy even though i use vi)
 - Parallels
 - Ubuntu & Windows 7 VMs
 - Handbrake
 - MacTheRipper
 - Cord
 - MS Office 2004
 - iWorko svn co https://my-dot-fileso Switch shell to zsh (biggest win? Shared history between open
  terminals)o System Preferences -> Accounts -> Show fast user switching menu as
  Icono Install python buildout
 - pip-2.6 install psycopg2 and PIL 1.1.7 (the "real" PIL) for work.o Get tab completion in Python working again
 - Seems to work OK with the right stuff in .pythonrc.py and the
   Python buildout
 - Does not seem to work with OS X' s Python 2.6.1o Configure Terminal
 - Settings -> Shell -> When the shell exits -> Close the windowo Install homebrew
 - brew install postgres
 - brew install wget
 - brew install gito System preferences -> Exposé and Spaces -> To activate spaces ->
  Middle mouse buttono Install firebugo System preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> Use random screen
  savero Turn on the locate db (sudo launchctl load -w
  /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.locate.plist)o Desktop -> Finder -> View -> Show view options -> Arrange by nameo Users -> aclark -> Finder -> View -> Show view options -> Arrange
  by name -> Set as defaulto Sign in to
 - Google
 - Twitter
 - Meetup (Why would I want to "Log in using Facebook"?)
 - Facebook  (Oh, the irony…)
 - Rackspace cloud
 - Github
 - Coactivate
 - Hulu
 - blog.aclark.net
 - netflix

After a couple weeks, I stopped taking notes (but there were inevitably a few more steps).

Other items of interest: I gave up a while back on *literally* reinstalling everything (from the internet). I just drag back applications from my Time Capsule (also note, I purposefully do not allow Time Machine to restore my home directory, because that feels “dirty” to me).