Toronto Plone Add-ons Sprint #1 Report#

Via Toronto Plone Users Group

Last month, members of the Toronto Plone user’s group helped with maintenance. Here is the sprint “report out” from Jordan Baker:

Toronto Plone Addons Sprint Report #1:#

  • Attending: Robert Jackiewicz, Jordan Baker, John Southern, aclark
  • aclark helped out by answering some questions and provided a dump of PSC data from
  • Rob was working on getting his buildout working with nginx and documenting the process
  • John worked on gettting a task listing setup on coactivate:
  • Jordan commited changes to allow for filtering by version, autosubmit on selection change and searching using the PSC view instead of the Plone search view.  aclark is working on cutting a release… hopefully we can get a preview soon..

Outstanding questions:#

  • need some help with c.xdv or nginx so we can preview changes in the theme
  • Where should we put our issues in the future.  There was talk of eating dog food using a Poi instance on – can someone help me set that up (add hexsprite and gogojohn as admins)
  • Please help us by prioritizing the tasks in the task list on coactivate

Next Sprint:#

Shooting for January 22.  Hopefully that will work for most people. Please help us spread the word to interested parties… more details to come.