Is Anyone Using’s New PyPI Functionality?#

python upload -r

Lots of exciting things are happening with!

  1. Calvin Hendryx-Parker and Six Feet Up are working on moving * to one of their powerful new servers (with some exceptions, most notably {svn,dev} will remain in place, as I understand it)!
  2. Alex Limi and company are working on deploying a new look and feel using a new-fangled technology called xdv (a variant of Deliverance).
  3. I am removing kinks that have been lingering after the recent upgrade (in theory ;-).

This blog entry is both a “call to arms” to everyone involved in helping, and a message to everyone waiting patiently that we haven’t forgotten about you! :-D

In particular, I’d like to hear from any early adopters of the new You can read about how to use the new PyPI functionality here, if you haven’t already: In my little “test” product, I found it quite useful:

So if you are using it, I’d definitely like to hear your experiences. Or if not, please give it a try!