Help Eric Steele Go To Baarn#

Because I was there once too

A few years back, I was invited to the Baarn UI Sprint 2007. This was a huge turning point for me and Plone. Having just attended the annual conference in Seattle, I was raring to contribute. And in getting invited, I felt like a Catholic getting invited to the Vatican to hang out with the Pope (well 1/2 the Pope at least, aka Limi ;-)). You cannot beat the awesomeness of the Plone community and the fact that if you give something to it, you will get it back ten-fold in:

  • Knowledge and skills (You can acquire a ton of technical skill by learning the Plone).
  • Kindness from strangers (People will help you do things, like attend a development sprint in another country, amazing).
  • Employment for life (There is more Plone work than there are Plone developers, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon).

Which brings me to the subject at hand. One of our own, Eric Steele (author of the amazing development tool Gloworm, and member of the extremely Plone friendly web group called WebLion) needs your help! Last I spoke with Eric he had reached 60% of his desired goal, so let’s help him get to the finish line (by Wednesday).

You can (and probably should, if you can afford it ;-) donate a little something here:

I can imagine only good things to come for Plone as a result of Eric attending this event (in fact, Weblion is funding the trip, donations are for food and incidentals if I recall correctly).

So please help! :-D