Help Me Upgrade

Because should run the latest Plone

You may be wondering why is not running the latest version of Plone. Well wonder no more! By the end of this month, it will be. I have been working onthe various bits and pieces needed to upgrade for months, including:

  • Testing the “live” Data.fs against the latest release of Plone.
  • Converting old-style Zope 2 Products to eggs.
  • Rallying the troops to contribute as needed.
  • Becoming a admin so I can drive the process myself.
  • and much, much more!

And I can promise you that tremendous progress will be made at the Paris sprint next week, including:

  • Finalization of the dist-utils enabled PloneSoftwareCenter that will be used.
  • Adding blob support to PloneSoftwareCenter (Witsch, can you help?)
  • Migrating all PSCFile objects from ExternalStorage to blob.

So please, if you would like to see an upgraded as much as I would, please consider making a generous donation to my travel fund. I’d like to raise around $1000 to get reimbursed for my airfare only; I will be sleeping on a donated couch. The suggested donation amount is $50-100, but any amount is welcome. Thank you all very much!!! And thanks to everyone that has helped with the upgrade so far including but not limited to: Limi, Wiggy, SteveM, Tarek, Maurits, Newbery, Jens, Witsch, MattBowen!

Lastly, I promise to:

  • Cut the fundraiser off as soon as I reach my goal, and
  • Report back with results by the end of the month.

Now without further ado, please donate-away!