Buildout Recipe Tip:

How to handle difficult old-style add-ons.

Sometimes an “old-style” add-on is distributed as foo.tar.gz and extracts to foo/, but the package is called bar. This can be a problem when using the plone.recipe.productdistros recipe because when bar is extracted to parts/productdistros/foo it will not work.

Fortunately there is, which allows you to specify the destination. For example, ZNagios (an add-on that integrates Zope with Nagios) is available as a tarball here:

If we use productdistros, we end up with ZNagios installed in parts/productdistros/trunk. But if we use we can control the destination.

parts = znagios

recipe =
url =
destination = products/ZNagios
strip-top-level-dir = True

After running Buildout you should have the following in your products/ directory: