Help Improve Plone’s API Documentation#

Sponsor my trip to the Plone “DocComm” Sprint in California

I’m travelling from Washington, DC, USA to Mountain View, CA, USA June 26 - 29 to participate in the 2007 Plone DocComm Sprint. My main focus will be updating Plone’s online API documentation. If you are interested in seeing this done and would like to help, please consider making a donation to help offset the cost of my airfare. In return, I will create and upload API documentation for:

  • Plone-2.5.3
  • Archetypes-1.4.4
  • CMF-1.6.4


  • Plone-3.0
  • Archetypes-1.5.0
  • CMF-2.1.0

I plan to use either Epydoc or Pudge, suggestions welcome.