First Post

Published on 2007-03-16 00:00:00

I have decided to start a blog


Why? To show Plone can be used for blogging, but also:

  • I have been reading a lot of Plone blogs lately and they have inspired me to write my own.

  • I want to interact with other Plone users.

  • I want to use new technology.

To that end, this post is about my build tools. But first I’ll note the current, likely better, alternatives:

I used Buildout for the first time at the Baarn UI Sprint 2007 and I’ve also used Chris McDonough’s Buildit. There are even more to choose from, but for now I enjoy typing:

newzope test-site ProductA ProductB ProductC

and having a working instance a few seconds later with Product{A,B,C} installed.