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  1. Gittip is the future

    Heard of Gittip? If not, you should know: it has a lot of people (including me) excited about the potential to make a living doing what they love. From the Gittip blog [1]:

    Gittip is a system for funding people who build free culture. The core is small weekly gifts ...
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  2. beta launch

    After 9 months of development, has grand-ceremoniously flipped the switch from alpha to beta. Here is an overview of the beta release features.

    Killer GitHub integration

    The workflow you may now enjoy is:

    • Login with your GitHub account
    • Select a repository that contains a Python package

    One-click release ...

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  3. Adam Yauch has passed

    And why it matters to tech people, like me

    (I hope my tech colleagues will indulge my thoughts on the recent passing of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.)

    TL;DR: I <3 the Beastie Boys and will miss Adam Yauch; and I suspect many others in the tech world do, and ...

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  4. Vagrant, Puppet and Mozilla, oh my!

    Warning: This post is only loosely Python related and not at all Plone related, but I thought folks might enjoy hearing about Vagrant and Puppet because these tools may help you do your Plone and Python jobs better.

    For the past couple weeks I've been working on creating a ...

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