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Python 3 Porting

The 3 in 2013 is for Python 3

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I tend to like projects that everyone else hates, e.g.:

  • Removing persistent Python objects associated with missing classes in ZODB.
  • Making new releases for old software that is still useful but unmaintained.
  • Running flake8 on 10s or 100s of source files ...

New Year's Python Meme 2012

This is my entry for Tarek Ziadé's New Year's Python Meme, a tradition I have come to enjoy. Both to reflect on the current year and look back on previous years. So here it is.

I did this in 2009 & 2011. Let's try it again.

1. What ...

Gittip, Misunderstood

People do not understand gittip. Or, they do not understand how I use it. Worse, they think they understand it [1]. So much so, some choose to comment about it publicly.

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Remember gittip is the future? Someone commented:

"Nobody likes a beggar."

Really? Well, I have to ...

Why I Criticize The Plone Foundation Board

TL;DR: Because I care.

As some of you can probably relate to, I've had my fair share of disagreements with the Plone Foundation Board over the years. The good news is, for the most part, it (just like the community) is staffed with very reasonable people who if ...

Top 3 "favorite" logical fallacies

I love to debate issues. The more complex, the better. I have no formal training in debate, but I wish I did. It may have better prepared me to face different personality types with varying degree of communication skill. You don't have to watch the 2012 U.S. Presidential ...

Looking for projects

With winding down, I am now actively seeking projects for Q4 2012 and beyond. I am good at:

Sorry for the blog spam

As I'm just learning Pelican, Dirkjan Ochtman pointed out that I can have "fancy" URLs via the ARTICLE_PERMALINK_STRUCTURE setting. So the blog spam you are seeing is a result of my publishing the same two articles with two different URLs (fancy and non-fancy). My apologies for the noise.

publishconf ...

Gittip is the future

Heard of Gittip? If not, you should know: it has a lot of people (including me) excited about the potential to make a living doing what they love. From the Gittip blog [1]:

Gittip is a system for funding people who build free culture. The core is small weekly gifts ...

Yes, this blog is now powered by Pelican

As an open source "Plone guy", I'm always prepared to defend and explain my choice to not use Plone for blogging. A couple years ago, I started using Wordpress in order to learn its feature set. I enjoyed my time with it, but after moving to for ...

Building Windows Installers In The Cloud

With, I want to solve real problems for people today. So here's a proof of concept for building Windows installers quickly and easily "in the cloud" (i.e. without a Windows machine local). This article is mostly about the back end, as the front end is already ...