Aug 13, 2012

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Archives pyformance 0.2 helps Python programmers package and release their software with just a few clicks.

pyformance 0.2 recently processed it’s first official release via the new GitHub Service.

As such, we are celebrating the release of pyformance 0.2! According to the author Omer Gertel:

It's a straight forward port of Coda Hale's fantastic metrics
package (originally for java). I don't have all of it ported yet,
and it's not tested as much as it should be, but it's a good start.

(BTW, if you do blog about PyFormance, you may also want to mention
this talk by Coda Hale about metrics:
He explains some of the math behind the package.)

Done! Thanks Omer for using our service. Check out pyformance on GitHub:

And the talk by Coda Hale.


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