Jun 02, 2008

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Placeful Theming

For some themed location /foo/bar, you want “bar” and everything below it to look different than “foo”.

I had to do a bit of placeful theming lately and I thought I would share the techniques I used (thanks davisagli, jonbaldievieso, vedawms). Let’s say you have a Plone 3 site, and for some location /foo/bar/baz, you want ‘baz’ and everything below it to look different. I made this change through the web because I was in a hurry, but the same can be done in filesystem code.

The steps are:

1. Override getSectionFromURL (navigate to portal_skins/plone_scripts/getSectionFromURL and customize)

Normally, this bit of code returns the section id for whatever section you are in. So if your site has three top level folders A, B, C, getSectionURL returns section-A when you are inside of A, section-B when you are inside of B, and so on. However, when you are inside of a sub-section, e.g. /A/news-items-folder, it *still* returns the section id, in this case section-A. The override makes getSectionURL return the sub-section, e.g. /A/news-items-folder, or /foo/bar/baz.

# Courtesy of jonb at onenw.org
# getSectionFromURLcontentPath = context.portal_url.getRelativeContentPath(context)
if not contentPath:
    return None
    s = ''
    sectionId = ''
    for pathItem in contentPath:
        sectionId += pathItem + '-'
        s += 'section-' + sectionId[:-1] + ' '
        return s[:-1]

2. Override plone.logo (navigate to /portal_view_customizations/zope.interface.interface-plone.logo and customize)

For some reason (good or not, I don’t know) Plone includes an image tag in the html code it uses to generate the Plone logo. This means that it will always output something like:

img src="logo.jpg"

which is a problem if you want to placefully replace the logo because there is no easy way to do it (perhaps you could use some trick to return a different image file with the same file name).

Plone ships with:

<a metal:define-macro="portal_logo" id="portal-logo" accesskey="1" tal:attributes="href view/navigation_root_url" i18n:domain="plone">
    <img src="logo.jpg" alt="" tal:replace="structure view/logo_tag" /></a>

Replace that with:

<div metal:define-macro="portal_logo" id="portal-logo"><a accesskey="1" tal:attributes="href view/navigation_root_url" i18n:domain="plone"></a></div>

3. Add CSS (Navigate to /portal_skins/plone_styles/ploneCustom.css and customize)

Next, add in some CSS to make use of the previous two changes:

body.section-foo-bar-baz { background-image: url(gradient.png);}.section-foo-bar-baz
#portal-globalnav li a { border: 0px; background: #0066CC; color: white; font-size: 110%; font-face: bold;}.section-foo-bar-baz
#portal-globalnav { background: #0066CC; padding: 0.25em;}.section-foo-bar-baz
#portal-breadcrumbs,.section-foo-bar-baz #portal-personaltools { background: white;}.section-foo-bar-baz
#portal-top { background: white;}.section-foo-bar-baz
#portal-logo { margin: 1em; background-image: url(ama_logo.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat;}.section-foo-bar-baz
#visual-portal-wrapper { background: white; margin: auto; width: 883px; position: relative;}.section-foo-bar-baz
body { background-image: url(gradient.png); background-repeat: repeat;}
#portal-logo { margin: 1em; background-image: url(logo.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat;}
#portal-logo a { display: block; width: 650px; height: 80px;}

I hope this helps someone get started with placeful theming.


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