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  1. Introducing Plock Pins

    "Plock Pins are the greatest thing to happen to Plone since Buildout"
                                                            — Alex Clark

    Plock Pins are the final incarnation of a collection of Plone Buildouts I've been developing since 2010. They attempt to make it easy to install Plone with only Python installed [1]. Installing Plone with Plock ...

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  2. Hello Plone Updated

    Over two years ago I wrote a blog entry called "Hello, Plone!". I've just updated it in order to:

    • Change the wording
    • Update the links
    • Add some comments

    What's changed?

    As change in technology is constant, you can expect a few details to differ between then and now ...

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  3. Pillow 2-3-0 is out!

    Pillow is the "friendly" PIL fork by Alex Clark and Contributors. PIL is the Python Imaging Library by Fredrik Lundh and Contributors

    Since Pillow 2.0, the Pillow Team has adopted a quarterly release cycle; as such, Pillow 2.3.0 has just been released. Here's what's new ...

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  4. Introducing Plock Again

    A few months ago I introduced Plock: the Plone-installer for the Pip-loving crowd. Then I got sidetracked with the next version of Plock lingering unreleased in master. With the holidays underway I had a chance to revisit Plock and discovered a few things:

    • I still like the idea of Plock ...
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  5. Plonetheme Report

    Here is another report on Plone themes [1] generated by plock [2]

    for i in `plock -l -r | grep plonetheme`
    plock . -a $i

    Plock is able to produce a Buildout configuration file containing all themes that successfully installed via Buildout; I manually removed the themes that ...

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